Saturday, 28 November 2015

When Is it Time to Replace Your Windshield?

Not every crack or chip that might appear in your windshield results in a need for complete replacement; sometimes a simple repair may be sufficient to restore it to great condition. Some vehicle owners rely too much on repairing and cannot tell when it is time to invest a bit more to go on and buy new. An expert can take a look at your auto glass and tell you what the best approach is – but, it can sometimes prove helpful to know what to expect before getting in touch with a professional. There are a few guidelines you can use to determine on your own whether you should plan for repair services or if it is time to replace.

It can cost less than $100 to have the most common cracks and chips repaired, but size is a major factor that dictates what you should do; a particularly deep or wide crack could prove unrepairable. There are some new technologies which have enabled the repairing of larger breaches than was once possible, but there are still limitations – some auto glass shops are able to fix fissures as much as 18 inches long. As a general rule, you should be prepared to replace the windshield of the damage is more than three inches long or one inch in diameter. It will ultimately be up to the technician you choose to determine if the issue is too big to be repaired.

Location of the flaw can also have a big impact on whether or not it is time for you to get a new windshield – for example, if the damage is to both layers of the glass or over the rain sensor, then repairing might not be an option. Cracks along the edge of the windshield can undermine the integrity of the entire pane, making a total replacement often the safest approach. As well, some repairs made over the driver’s lines of sight may result in reduced visibility, leaving the installation of new glass highly recommended.

Sometimes it is not the size or location of the flaw that is the most important issue, being overruled by what an insurance policy will cover; there have been cases in which a windshield could have been repaired but the financial aspect made replacement the preferred approach. Due to how the cost of fixing a small crack or chip can occasionally compare with a low deductible, some vehicle owners find it more cost-effective to simply replace.

Both repairing and replacement of auto glass can be an easy matter when you choose the right professional for the job. Visit this website to learn more about auto glass repair in Raleigh.