Tuesday, 22 March 2016

3 Main Problems with Euro Car Transmissions

European-made cars can offer luxurious transportation. They can also pose more difficult mechanical and maintenance issues, especially with their transmissions. Here are three problems you should look for.

1. Transmission Oil Issues

Many foreign vehicles, particularly Audis, can have issues with transmission oil levels. If you don’t have the condition and level of transmission oil checked regularly, it can lead to serious problems. Most European cars have transmissions that cannot be easily checked. An automotive repair shop that specializes in foreign vehicles can help make sure the oil levels are correct.

2. CVT Transmission Problems

European vehicles often have CVT transmissions. These continuously variable transmissions are used by Mercedes, Audi and other European manufacturers. It is important to take your vehicle to a professional technician to have it checked and serviced regularly.

3. Problems Shifting

If your European vehicle is a manual transmission, then you will notice if a gear is grinding or slipping. You may be able to feel the change and you may also hear a pitch change in your engine. You may also notice your vehicle struggling or feel a loss of power. All of these could be a sign of a transmission issue.

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