Thursday, 28 May 2015

Tips on Buying a Trailer for Your RV

Traveling in an RV lets you pack up a little household within the walls of your vehicle. However, you may want to bring along a few items that won’t fit inside, say a pair of four-wheelers. You can still carry them along, with the help of a trailer. Here are three tips for finding the right one for your motorhome.

1.       Check Your Vehicle’s Tow Rating

When shopping for a trailer, keep in mind your RV’s maximum loaded weight and towing capacity, usually found in the owner’s manual. If you are hauling a motorcycle, for example, include the weight of the trailer, the bike, additional fuel tanks and any other equipment you will carry.

2.       Use Proper Brakes

An RV, and any other vehicle, has a braking system designed to handle a specific load. If you will be adding more weightthan it was designed for, you may need additional brakes. If your load is too heavy, your brakes could fail.

3.       Install the Proper Hitch

Hitches are designed for a specific trailer type. To decide which one will work, determine the trailer’s gross weight (GTW) and tongue weight (TW). Hitches are rated by category: Class one can carry up to 2,000 pounds GTW and 200 TW, while a class five can carry a maximum 18,000 pounds GTW and 1,800 TW.

Choose the right trailer and hitch for your RV so you can concentrate on the road ahead, not what you’re towing behind. Learn more about finding custom hitches in Santa Cruz at this website.

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